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engraving machine applied in advertising industry: mini glowing words

It is a new type of craft word, and it is also one of the highest technology craft word in terms of production requirement. It stands out in the craft word market with its extremely fine appearance, uniform illumination and high grade.

The material of the mini word is also a kind of acrylic which is a high quality polymer acrylic sheet. So the mini word is also called the polymer acrylic word. It is carved by engraving machine with front and back carvings and oblique engraving techniques. The machine engraving precision is high, which makes up for the problem of edge processing defect. Therefore, large and small words can be displayed in fine detail. In addition to the smooth surface of the mini word, there's no shade on the back. With oblique cutting, the front and back can glow simultaneously and will not be hidden.

With the progress of the times, people's demand for material has gradually changed from "usable" to "high taste". In the past, the crafts word was often too rough to satisfy the high-end market. Therefore, the emergence of the mini word is exactly in line with the trend of the market.It is believed that the road will be more and more extensive in the future.

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