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Zing laser cutting of car seat cushion

1. Adopting the most advanced 64-bit high-speed DSP controller in the world, the mechanical performance has been greatly improved. The design of stable  U type speed control software makes the movement swift and smooth. The automatic light-failure compensation technology makes different cutting parts achieve the ideal effect.

2. The mechanical components are equipped with precise gear and rack motion transmission system, which ensures the effects of high precision under the high-speed movement.The rolling processing platform which is like a machine tool is stable and reliable.Matching the automatic feeding and unloading material system, it is suitable for great and multi batch operation under the requirements of high strength, high precision.

3. Equipped with servo motion control system, makes sure high-speed movement, smooth incision and accurate size.

4. The design of automatic dropping and collecting material, makes sure batch processing.

5. The scale can be customized according to the customer's request.

6. Applicable materials: cloth, leather, paper, wood products, organic glass, rubber, plastic, synthetic materials etc. Applicable industries: clothing, cloth, leather goods, furniture packaging, printing advertising, decoration, construction, paper products, templates and other industries, and the professional users who need to cut and engrave the material.

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